Feedback wanted on water issues


10 May 2017

The Council is encouraging customers and ratepayers to take part in the first comprehensive national water survey.

Launched by not-for-profit organisation Water New Zealand, the survey aims to gauge New Zealanders’ attitudes and concerns about water issues, from sustainability and quality, to how to manage ageing infrastructure and increasing urbanisation.

Whanganui’s water supply has a Ministry of Health grading of ‘Aa’, which means it is completely satisfactory in terms of treatment and distribution. The first letter represents the quality of the water after treatment and takes the quality of the source water into consideration. The second letter represents the quality of water received at your home or business.

Dave Rudolph, Council Senior Engineering Officer, says the Council has maintained this grading since 2011, so the public can be confident not only in the high quality of drinking water, but also in terms of the extremely low risk of contamination and risk to supply.

Based on customer feedback which is collected internally, Mr Rudolph says chlorination (smell and taste), hard water and low pressure are the common issues.

“Whanganui water concerns tend to focus on water quality and it would be helpful to find out what other matters are important to water supply users,” Mr Rudolph says.

Whanganui’s city water supply is sourced from four bores – three at Kai Iwi (hard water) and one at Aramoho/Brunswick, which has soft water. Hard water has a high mineral content that can cause calcium build-up.

“Survey results will give us a comprehensive snapshot of where possible water quality issues exist. Customer engagement will give a better understanding of any future needs and help us to improve services to our customers,” says Mr Rudolph.

Water New Zealand Chief Executive John Pfahlert says survey results will be available on a region by region basis, with analysis designed to help inform councils on the delivery of services to best meet customer needs.

The survey is available at and will run for about six weeks. You can also enter a draw to win $2000. The findings are expected to be presented at the Water New Zealand Conference in September 2017.

Water New Zealand is the principal voice for the water sector, focusing on the sustainable management and promotion of the water environment.

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