Long Term Plan 2018-2028 Consultation


​​​​What do you think​​​ about Whanganui District Council's Long Term Plan for 2018–2028?

Whanganui District Councillors have been working on a Long Term Plan for the next decade and they want your feedback and ideas.

A Consultation Document has been prepared which sets out the important issues the Council wants to address in its plan.

We invite you to read the document and consider the options.

Download the consultation document ↓​​​​​

Ask and d​​iscuss

Whanganui District Councillors and staff will be providing a range of opportunities for the community to meet them and discuss the Long Term Plan 2018-2028.

Look out for our advertised events, keep an eye on our Facebook page and check this section of our website for updated information on events.

Saturday 7 April 2018, Whanganui River Traders Market

Meet your Councillors and collect a copy of the Long Term Plan 2018 - 2028 Consultation Document. We look forward to hearing your thoughts about our district and what's important for Whanganui's future.

Have your say...

You can have your say on the Long Term Plan 2018-2028 by making a submission to the Council.

Give us your feedback ​online →​​​

Download a printable submission form ↓

Hard copies of the Consultation Document and submission form are available at the Whanganui District Council Municipal Building at 101 Guyton Street and at the Davis Central City, Gonville Café and mobile libraries.

Submissions close at 5:00pm on Thursday 19 April 2018.

Submission hearings will be held on Wednesday 2 May and Thursday 3 May 2018. ​

You can have your say on the Long Term Plan 2018-2028 by making a submission to the Council.​

Alternatively you can email your thoughts to policysubmissions@whanganui.govt.nz.

Submissions close at 5.00pm on Thursday, 19 April 2018.

Additional informati​on

Explore our strategies, policies and supporting information below.​​​

​​Rela​​ted Consultations

​In addition to our Long Term Plan, we are also seeking your feedback on the following:

Draft Rates Remiss​​​ion and Postponement Poli​​cies

Legislation requires that councils' Rates Remission and Postponement Poli​​cies​ be publically consulted upon at least once every 6 years. These policies are:​

The proposed changes are outlined in the Statement of Proposal​.​

​​​Give us your feed​ba​ck ​→​​​

Download a printable submiss​​ion form ↓

Draft Revenu​​e a​nd Financing Policy

The Revenue and Financing Policy identifies the sources of funding the Council has decided upon for its activities and why the Council has determined that they should be used. A summary of the proposed changes to the policy are outlined in the Statement of Proposal.

Give us your feedback ​→​​​​​​​​

Download a printable version ↓

Prop​​osed Fees and Ch​arges for 2018/19

Council is consulting on its proposed fees and charges, to be effective fro​m 1 July 2018.​

​​Give us your feedback ​→​​​​​

Download a printable ver​sion ↓

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