Youth Committee

​​​​​​​​​​Whanganui District Council’s Youth Committee is the ‘Best Youth Council in New Zealand’, as awarded a​t the 2012 Youth in Local Government Awards!

Please note: The Youth Committee is not taking applications for $600ships or Youth Grants during 2017.  

About The Youth Committee

The role of the Youth Committee is to: 

  • Represent the community’s young people
  • Develop a strategic direction for Whanganui youth
  • Promote opportunities for youth participation
  • Develop and monitor policy on youth issues
  • Provide opportunities for youth to contribute to the decision-making of the Whanganui District Council
  • Advise the Council on matters of interest for youth in the Whanganui District​

How does the Youth Committee work?

The Youth Committee meets regularly to discuss and find solutions for issues that are important for young people. Formal meetings are held every six weeks in the Council Chambers, while informal meetings to talk about ideas, promotions, and projects are held every alternate six weeks.

Each year, the Youth Committee advertises for new members. There are 18 seats on the Committee, which are filled as they become available. Youth Councillors usually serve between one to three years. At the start of each Council term, the Mayor appoints a Whanganui District Councillor to represent the Council on the Youth Committee. The Co-Chairs provide a report direct to Council ensuring that the views of young people are heard by the Mayor and the District Councillors.

The Youth Committee was established in 2006.​

Youth Committee Terms of Reference

How do I get involved?

Youth Committee membership is open to all Whanganui District residents between the ages of 12 and 24 years. The opportunity to ‘speak up and be heard’ is promoted across schools, alternative education providers, tertiary institutes, the workforce and the wider community to ensure the Youth Committee is representative of our diverse youth community.

If you are interested becoming a Youth Councillor, please check back to this page regularly for the application rounds, or visit the Youth Committee Facebook page.

Youth Councillors 2017

Yth Cr Rhea Colaabavala (Co-Chair)
Yth Cr Helena Hazelhurst (Co-Chair)
Yth Cr Leah Aiono
Yth Cr Emelye Brown
Yth Cr Leata Connor
Yth Cr Courtney Crafar
Yth Cr Macy Duxfield
Yth Cr Jackie Hazelhurst
Yth Cr Connor Hoskin
Yth Cr Jonathan de Jongh
Yth Cr Arapeta Latus
Yth Cr Katja Mokha
Yth Cr Aranga Molijn
Yth Cr Mia Perkins
Yth Cr Ahilan Saravanapavan
Yth Cr Jack Southee
Yth Cr Tamara-Claire Stratton
Yth Cr Kiri Wilson
Yth Cr Josephine Verhaaren

Cr Josh Chandulal-Mackay is the appointed Council representative for the Youth Committee.

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