10-Year Plan 2015-2025

​​​​​Your Council: Our Community

Where to from here? Th​e nex​​t 10 years

The Council has adopted its 10-Year Pl​​an​ 2015-2025. The two volumes of the plan are available below. Volume 1 contains an overview including Community Outcomes and detailed financial information. Volume 2 contains detailed information about Council activities, including activity plans and performance framework.

Background information

Your Council: Our Community - Consultation Document (PDF, 5.5MB)

Unlike in the past, for the 2015-2025 period we did not have to produce a full 10-Year Plan document for consultation. We are now required by law to produce only a Consultation Document which highlights key issues and options and provides a summary of our financial strategy and 30-year infrastructure strategy.

Supporting documents for the proposed 10-Year Plan 2015-2025 are available below:

Submissions on the Consultation Document closed on 29 April 2015. We received 257 submissions which you can read below:

Presented submissions were heard on 11-12 May 2015 and the Council considered all submissions and made its decisions on 18-19 May 2015.

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